Singapore Youth International 2018
Registration - Conditions & Regulations

For Individuals Residing in Singapore Only

1. All registrations have to be submitted through Singapore Badminton Association (SBA). For individuals not residing in Singapore, please register for the Singapore Youth International via your respective nation's badminton association.

2. There would be an entry fee of $53.50 for each singles entry and $107 for each doubles entry (inclusive of GST).

3. All players have to be registered under BWF in order to participate. Those who do not have a BWF player ID are required to complete the BWF new player’s profile form together with the official entry form.

4. All completed registration forms must be submitted and received by SBA before 5pm on 26 October 2018 by email to: or by mail to the following address:

Singapore Badminton Association
5 Stadium Drive, #02-40
OCBC Arena
Singapore 397631

Download Youth International 2018 Registration Form Via This Link

Download Credit Card Authorization Form Via This Link

5. All registration forms must be accompanied with full payment of the entry fees either by cheque made payable to “Singapore Badminton Association” or by filling up the authorization form for credit card payment. Entry fees are non-refundable.

6. SBA has the rights to decide whether to support and submit the registrations received. If SBA decides not to submit the entries, entry fees received shall be refunded.

7. All participants are to adhere to the Players’ Code of Conduct.

8. Players shall take full responsibility to pay for any penalties meted out by the World Federation (BWF), Continental Associations and/or Organisers for any breach or failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the competition.

9. All participants are strongly encouraged to read and familiarize themselves with the BWF regulations which can be downloaded from the following website:

10. If you need information regarding your BWF Player Profile, please refer to this document.

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